Download Game The Mask OF QJ (Adventure)

The Mask of Qi is a game created by a student of the 5th Film School Vancouver, either where the school was. We will be playing the character of a flying squirrel who tried to save his village from the invasion of evil. Let's help him to save his village from enemies of peace.

3D gaming is quite a fun adventure game, because the game setting The Mask of Qi is very extensive, so you will not experience boredom. You will have an adventure in the Woods, the forest bergua, at any time you can walk and run, but it's important you can also fly. Because there are gorges there. But it seems no danger tuh abyss, flight mode just for simplicity only.

Quite a lot of hurdles hurdles there, there is a large wood and stone tumbling, thorns, the plant-eating insects. When you reach the forest, replica made by 5 people the student was very lovely and very similar to the original. Upon entering the cave, you will also enjoy the same atmosphere, dark caves, bright tetasan water from above even dreadful bats also were there.

‹ The flying squirrel, the unique Qi now, she needs your help. Unfortunately he's still wearing a mask of diwajahnya, who is actually si Qi this? Find the answer in the only game the adventures of The Mask of Qi.

Download Game The Mask OF QJ (Adventure)

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Download Game The Mask OF QJ (Adventure)
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